Nicolas Sanchez L.

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Conversation at CBP Part I + II + III + IV

Cecilia Brunson talks with Nicolas Sanchez about the exhibition Meditation on an ending at Cecilia Brunson Projects Gallery

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Pop corn fields (1 new item)

[2012] The industry is sold out. A film about films about corn fields. Curatorship by Marcelo Sarovic. In order of appearance: Children of the Corn IV (1996, Greg Spence), Field of dreams (1989, Phil Alden Robinson), Signs (2002, M. Night Shyamalan), Children of the Corn (2009, Donald P. Borchers), Haute Tension (2003, Alexandre Aja), Joyride (2001, John Dahl), Freddy vs. Jason (2003, Ronny Yu), Children of the Corn VII (2001, Guy Magar), Children of the Corn VI (1999, Kari Skogland), Children of the Corn III (1995, James D.R. Hickox), Twister (1996, Jan de Bont), Children of the Corn V (1998, Ethan Wiley), North by Northwest (1959, Alfred Hitchcock), Children of the Corn I (1984, Fritz Kiersch), The Informant! (2009, Steven Soderbergh), Secret Window (2004, David Koepp), Children of the Corn II (1992, David Price), Planet of the Apes (1968, Franklin J. Schaffner), A Scanner Darkly (2006, Richard Linklater), The Straight Story (1999, David Lynch).

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Noah's raft, (living off) the fat of the land (27 new items)

[2011] The project consists in building a raft to navigate downstream the Mapocho river, since its channeled entrance into the center-north of the city of Santiago until its mouth in the Maipo river, across the districts of Vitacura, Las Condes, Providencia , Recoleta, Independencia, Santiago, Renca, among others. To build the raft I will use only industrial waste collected around the city... to sail and navigate in search of another land, beyond this city, to survive the flood and find “where germinates the seed of a new humanity” (Wisdom 14:6 .) The phrase living off the fat of the land – also of biblical origin (Genesis 45: 17) – refers to live off the fertility and abundance of the earth. In a contemporary sense and focused in urban dynamics, this fat, once abundance and generosity, has now sadly been exploited to excess, extravagance and waste. It is precisely these excesses caused by certain ideas of progress, which I see symbolized in the waste that will be used to build the raft; excesses from which I escape by the sailing aimlessly away. The project ultimately explores the human experience in the cities, showing certain urban situations that reveal the need to recover public space for people, imagining new occupation dynamics which poetically illuminate richer, diverse and simpler ways of living

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Atacama Lab (15 new items)

[2007] A ten-day fieldwork session with artists, architects, designers, and scientists, followed in the Atacama Desert visiting sites of art, architecture, infrastructure, science and made work in direct response to the landscape. Atacama Lab -organized b

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Antipostcards (14 new items)

[2006] With a group of friends we went out to visit our city venturing into a drift to the periphery through the eyes of a tourist. At every moment we felt a sense of being where our presence was not considered. From San Alberto Hurtado subway station (fo

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150 Blocks (25 new items)

[2005] An urban dérive with friends, from Las Condes to San Miguel in Santiago de Chile. A series of postcards taken by the participants summarises the journey. A map of the city and stickers, encourages the public to trace their own paths. Walking as a w