Nicolas Sanchez L.

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Tourists (Threnody I)

[2007-2013] A photo series about Tourists. Tourists immersed in breathtaking landscapes, tourists coming and going, tourist sightseeing, tourists taking pictures, tourists being tourists. The film shows patterns, some recurring actions, attitudes or dynamics of tourists and tourism that are significant of a way of relating with nature. This is Threnody I, the first part of a Trilogy threnodies -from the Greek threnos (wailing) and oide (ode)-, a series of laments at the same time as elegies, in the shape of evocative images that carry with them a claim for a lost relation, a constant awareness of a broken and fragile link. Tourists -poetically- represent the actual lack of topophilia, our rootlessness disguised as mobility, in an increasingly homogeneous world. When what surrounds us, becomes a distant concept, an impersonal object, then only a consumption relation or superficial contemplation is possible.

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[2007-2014] The series was truncated after the discovery of the Airport series by Peter Fischli (b.1952) and David Weiss (1946-2012). But despite the late arrival, I persisted on my personal pleasure with this series, in a continuing effort to find beauty and awareness in these non-places that are still filling a world increasingly foreign as transit and waiting machines of contemporary life.

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[2006] With a group of friends we went out to visit our city venturing into a drift to the periphery through the eyes of a tourist. At every moment we felt a sense of being where our presence was not considered. From San Alberto Hurtado subway station (fo