Nicolas Sanchez L.

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Atacama Lab

[2007] A ten-day fieldwork session with artists, architects, designers, and scientists, followed in the Atacama Desert visiting sites of art, architecture, infrastructure, science and made work in direct response to the landscape. Atacama Lab -organized b

Project Published

150 Blocks

[2005] An urban dérive with friends, from Las Condes to San Miguel in Santiago de Chile. A series of postcards taken by the participants summarises the journey. A map of the city and stickers, encourages the public to trace their own paths. Walking as a w

Project Published


[2005] A bike ride from my house in Las Condes to Galería Metropolitana in Pedro Aguirre Cerda, Santiago de Chile. A visual registry of the trip, a false press release, a photo of the end of the journey, a bike.