Nicolas Sanchez L.

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En Ch.ACO '14

Bajo Cecilia Brunson Projects y junto a trabajos de Cristián Silva, Sebastián Gordín y Darren Almond, estaré presentando en Feria Chaco del 3 al 5 de Octubre 2014, parte de mi serie Atmósferas. Ch.ACO, Chile Arte Contemporáneo, es la feria de arte... Read more

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Airports (5 new items)

[2007-2017] The series was truncated after the discovery of the Airport series by Peter Fischli (b.1952) and David Weiss (1946-2012). But despite the late arrival, I persisted on my personal pleasure with this series, in a continuing effort to find beauty and awareness in these non-places that are still filling a world increasingly foreign as transit and waiting machines of contemporary life.

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Tourists Trilogy (Video Series) (4 new items)

[2013] A Trilogy of short films about Tourists being tourists in breathtaking landscapes. Each one as a threnodie -from the Greek threnos (wailing) and oide (ode)- , as a series of laments at the same time as elegies, that in the shape of evocative images tell us the story of a journey, an exodus, maybe an escape or an end.