Nicolas Sanchez L.

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[2006] With a group of friends we went out to visit our city venturing into a drift to the periphery through the eyes of a tourist. At every moment we felt a sense of being where our presence was not considered. From San Alberto Hurtado subway station (former Pila de Ganzo) in Estación Central, to the highway towards the coast in Renca, Santiago de Chile.

  1. Antipostcard #1

    The ads lane

  2. Antipostcard #2

    Highway sidewalk

  3. Antipostcard #3

    The wall

  4. Antipostcard #4


  5. Antipostcard #5

    Ads for the countryside

  6. Antipostcard #6


  7. Antipostcard #7

    Villa Portales

  8. Antipostcard #8

    Highway collage

  9. Antipostcard #9

    Parks of the outskirts

  10. Antipostcard #10

    Power station

  11. Antipostcard #11

    Unknown plant

  12. Antipostcard #12


  13. Antipostcard #13

    Under the bridge

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